Trade Show Area


The conference offers very interesting opportunities for branding and sponsoring different areas of the event:

• Main sponsor
• Coffee Breaks
• Dinner
• Official Lunch
• Welcome Cocktail
• Farewell Party
• Welcome packs & Awards

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact


  • There will be a Trade Show Area where universities, colleges and institutions can display their promotion and publicity. They can also have brochures, corporate and academic information, rollups and TV projection.
  • This area will be setup next to the conference room and within the coffee break and lunch area to promote networking and interaction with delegates.
  • The package includes a table, setup, daily cleaning, table cloth and branding.

Cost: 500€ per institution


The event is designed to promote networking and interaction between delegates, organizers, local authorities and exhibitors.

The conference rooms, trade show area, recreational activities, coffee break and F&B are setup to maximize the mentioned networking and interaction.

In the 2017 edition, also numerous interviews where arranged with local media and several collaboration agreements where signed during the event.